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Michter's US 1 Small Batch Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey 750mL

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Michter's US 1 Bourbon is made from a mashbill that features highest quality American corn. It is then matured for peak flavor quality and mouth feel, with barrels often aging in excess of eight years. Truly "small batch," Michter's US 1 Bourbon is typically composed of no more than two dozen barrels, leaving no margin for "blending out" subpar barrels and thus necessitating excellence from every barrel.

"I think this is pretty good juice, just a little simpler and smoother than the Russell’s" - Serge, Whisky Fun

Additional Information:

  • Country: USA
  • Region: Kentucky
  • Distillery / Brand: Michter's
  • Standard Drinks: 27.2
  • Alcohol Volume: 45.7%
  • Size: 750mL
  • Style: Small Batch
  • Tags: 80 - 84 Bourbon Kentucky USA